1. I started drawing these autobiographical comics again.


  2. So I was taking out my recycling.


  3. Pretty jazzed about these jellies I made.


  4. Tracing and watercoloring coffee shop sketches.


  5. Some new Knife Patrol stuff.


  6. Knife Patrol


  7. This is a pretty good record.


  8. A former patient drew this portrait of me!


  9. Tuesday Self Portrait


  10. I only managed to do 8 of these today. I’m going to try to finish it tomorrow.


  11. 24 hour comic day, hour 1.


  12. One time when I was a kid a bought like 2 dozen of these at a garage sale, this appears to be the only one that’s survived.


  13. Super Bowl

    This Sunday I will be having a Super Bowl party. I will be screening the film Zardoz in my living room and eating snacks.


  14. New Knife Patrol is coming true. I’ll clean it up, promise.


  15. I posted this on twitter before, but I like it.